NGoggle brings together the leading experts in ophthalmic medicine, computational neuroscience and medical sensors, FOG computing, and AR/VR display. Their impact includes signal-to-noise filtering technology that resides in nearly a billion smartphones, the validation of OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) as a standard in eye care, and the advancement of biomedical signal processing (independent component analysis) as industry standards. In addition to the scientific foundation, the company is led by a successful entrepreneurial team that have raised capital and developed commercial solutions at the forefront of innovation in machine learning, computer vision, smartphones and healthcare.


We are a storehouse of capabilities: in the miniaturization of sensors, and in developing machine and deep learning algorithms on pattern detection, feature extraction and classification for use in medical, lifestyle, gaming, and educational uses.


Kye Cheung

Kye is a seasoned entrepreneur and co-founder of several companies including Graphiti, CommASIC, NeoPoint, and previously President of Impeto Medical.

Felipe Medeiros, M.D., Ph.D.

Felipe is the Vice Chair Department of Ophthalmology at Duke University and an Advisory Board Member of World Glaucoma Association. 

Tzyy-Ping Jung, Ph.D.

Tzyy-Ping is the Co-Director at the Center for Advanced Neurological Engineering at University of California San Diego, and Associate Director at Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience. 

John Kar-Kin Zao, Ph.D.

John is also the Chair of IEEE Standard Working Group on Fog Computing Architecture Framework, and Co-Chair, Distributed Computing Task Group, Industrial Internet Consortium.

Stan Kim

Stanley is a seasoned entrepreneur and the founder of companies (SoftMax acq by Qualcomm and Emotient acquired by Apple) in diverse industries, including pharmaceutical/biotechnology, medical device and software.
Head of Design

David Morelock

David has led the design of more than a dozen successful commercial products in the past.  He is also an Adjunct Professor at New School of Architecture and Design.
Board Observer

Kfir Azoulay

Kfir is an advisor and an observer on our board of directors.  He is currently the VP/ Head of Corporate Strategy at Heidelberg Engineering.

David Eveleth

David is an advisor of NGoggle. He has held the position of Managing Director at E&B Technologies, LLC, CEO of Trefoil Therapeutics LLC, and headed Ophthalmology Medicines Development Group at Pfizer.