Our research has evolved from partnerships with world leading academic and clinical institutions such as UCSD, Duke, and NCTU. Significant breakthroughs have been made with EEG correlates of goal identification, enactive identification, arousal, flow, engagement, and enjoyment during gameplay, presence and immersion in VR, and EEG correlates of real-life stress and anxiety.


At the core of our expertise is translating the current laboratory-oriented knowledge of EEG correlates of cognitive-state changes into commercial applicability in the highly dynamic real world.  EEG acquisition for real-world applications demand portability, user convenience and long-term wearing comfort. This makes feasible a neuro-ergonomic mobile device that is capable of detecting disease conditions, as well as monitoring cognitive and potentially emotional brain states.


The Company intends to leverage this expertise in the field of Reactive and Affective BCI for stress management, attention-flow monitoring, fatigue detection, VR training for athletes and students.